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Boating Incident Investigation Standards - Public Review Process Open through July 24, 2022
Jun 24, 2022
The draft standard was produced by the Boating Incident Investigation Standard Workgroup under funding from a U.S. Coast Guard National Nonprofit grant. This is the third public review period. The posted Tracked Changes and Clean versions of the draft standard incorporate changes made as a result of the first and second public review processes. COMMENTS ARE SOLICITED ON ITEMS CHANGED FROM THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF THE DRAFT STANDARD.

This 30-day public review period will close July 24, 2022.

This retitled "Investigative Training for Boating Incidents" is for use in curriculum development and training of recreational boating incident investigators in the U.S. States, Territories, and District of Columbia. These Standards provide commonality for recreational boat incident investigations, general vessel terminology, navigation rules and regulations, environmental distractions, witness interviews, collision dynamics, evidence collection and preservation, diagramming, and report writing, including adherence to definitions and detail in the incident narrative with particular focus on human factor causal elements. Standards are developed with intention to be recognized as the industry standard.

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