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Closed Standards
NASBLA 100.1-201X
Supplement - Basic Boating Knowledge - Trailering
Basic Boating Knowledge - Human-Propelled Boats
NASBLA 102-201X
Basic Boating Knowledge - Sailing
NASBLA 103.1-201X
Supplement - Basic Boating Knowledge - Water-jet Propelled
NASBLA 103-2016
Basic Boating Knowledge - Power
Panel News
ANSI Recognizes NASBLA 101-2017: Basic Boating Knowledge - Human Propelled as American National Standard
Oct 09, 2017
NASBLA has received approval from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) of its third American National Standard. ANSI/NASBLA 101-2017 Basic Boating Knowledge - Human-Propelled is recognized as a American National Standard as of September 28, 2017. All three American National Standards are available for free download on the National Education Standards web page: https://www.nasbla.org/education/national-ed-standards.
Withdrawal of Candidate Trailering Standard
Aug 16, 2017
This serves as official notification of the National Boating Education Standards Panel's (Panel) action regarding the draft boating education standard entitled 'BSR/NASBLA 100.1-201X: Basic Boating Knowledge - Trailering'.

Per administrative rules of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), an accredited standards developer may abandon the processing of a proposed new or revised American National Standard or portion thereof if it has followed its accredited procedures. In accordance with this administrative process, this project is WITHDRAWN for consideration as an American National Standard. The Panel, meeting in-person on April 20-21, 2017 in St. Petersburg, Florida, voted unanimously to withdraw this standard and notice was published in ANSI's Standards Action on June 23, 2017 under the heading Projects Withdrawn from Consideration. In further Panel action, it was determined that comments received regarding this project will be considered for future compilation into a Technical Report to enhance and guide implementation of published American National Standards for Power, Sail, and (where applicable) Human-Propelled.

Notice regarding withdrawal of this standard was sent to public commenters on July 18, 2017.

Questions regarding Panel actions should be sent to esp@nasbla.org or to the contact information below.

Pamela S. Dillon, CAE
Director, Education and Standards
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators
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Phone: 859-225-9487 Ext. 7368
Basic Boating Knowledge - Human-Propelled Closed for Public Review
Jun 19, 2017
The draft standard BSR/NASBLA 101-201X: Basic Boating Knowledge - Human-Propelled closed for public review onAugust 4, 2017. This period was for review of revisions authorized to the previously posted draft from public comments submitted in the previous review period. Only CHANGES made to the document (indicated within the RED BOX) are open for comment during this period.

Download a copy of the revised draft at the 'My Panels' page.
Basic Boating Knowledge - Sailing recognized as an American National Standard
Mar 28, 2017
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has recognized Basic Boating Knowledge - Sailing as an American National Standard. A copy of the standard is posted in the zip-file feature of the EZ-ESP website and available online (free download) at http://nasbla.membershipsoftware.org/files/Education/ANSI-NASBLA-102-2017-Basic-Boating-Knowledge-Sailing.pdf.
Human-Propelled Draft Standard Closed for Public Review
Feb 03, 2017
The draft standard entitled 'BSR/NASBLA 101-201X: Supplement - Basic Boating Knowledge - Human-Propelled' is CLOSED for public review. Comments were solicited regarding changes made since the last draft as indicated in tracked changes in the posted document. These changes are the result of previous public comments as accepted/authorized by the National Boating Education Standards Panel. The comment period closed March 20, 2017.

Download a copy of the draft at the 'My Panels' page.
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